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How does Grace change us? As a human being, I am composed of many various parts. The makeup of a human is so full of mystery to the average person due to its complexity. Medical science has worked on the human body finding out so much of what is behind the outward skin and appearance. Others devote their lives to the study of the mind, the brain, our personalities, etc.! We are certainly one of the most if not the most complex beings God has created in all of His world.


If a surgeon were to cut your body open in a operating room they would NOT find the power of sin inside or righteous either. Not only that they can’t see our thoughts, our spirit, our soul, neither the innermost heart of person. Just the organs, the muscles, the tendons, the nerves, the blood and veins or arteries. But that which is unseen is so important, important enough to mean that the body will not stay alive without them. Such things as the spirit, the soul, the mind, the conscience, the heart (innermost part of people not the organ), is not seen. All of this is impacted by the power of God in the regeneration process (new birth, or the born again experience).

The Doctor can’t see sin either! Nor can we! It is invisible. But every day it is busy delivering messages to us. It is like the time clocks or watches, but it never stops, but continually working to create sinful acts expressed outwardly or even inwardly. Even though it isn’t a being like a human, or an Angel or some other creature it does have such ability to act and react within us.


Jesus our Lord was tempted with thoughts, but He had NO sin within Him. His temptation was from without, from Satan himself! But the word flowing from our Lord’s lips put to death the inticements of sin the Devil sent out to Him!

In us however, as sinners, people conceived and born into the world with it dwelling within us, realize that sin is tugging at us, by appealing to our five senses. We must remember that receiving “thoughts” is not sinful, but only temptation from either the Devil, the world systems or culture promoting such, or our own Flesh where sin abides, or our following through with the thoughts which are evil!

This means that the New Man or New Creation which we are is not sinning and cannot sin because we are in the PERFECT ONE who shelters the new born person in His everlasting arms. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He is there all the time 24/7! His SEED or the very Presence of God is in His Temple which is us and cannot sin nor can we since we are in Him. However, our Flesh does sin and that is where sin resides 24/7, but through the Spirit and power of the Lord we are taught and shown how to even keep it in check and defeat in and slay it while it seeks to harm us spiritually.

I close by stating and agreeing with God, that the old self is gone, dead, and our struggle isn’t against myself (our new self), but only dealing with the body of Flesh and the old man which exists. This is certainly a mystery, but it is in actuality and we know we are fighting against a powerful group of foes; the world, the flesh and the Devil. That is who we struggle with for all three are the ones involved in and with Sin itself! Other lessons cover sanctification which is a continuing work we engage in through the Spirit of God throughout our physical life on earth. It works on the fallen “flesh” area where sin dwells!


What I have written indicates such! Am I better than the majority of the Systematic Theologians down through the last five hundred years? No, not at all. It is just human nature for people to fall in line and study from those who seem to be the authorities and popular ones in any given generation on issues like this, and also the seminaries and bible colleges follow the same line of reasoning. It is sort of like the views on Arminianism and Reformed theology concerning Election, etc.! Both can’t be correct, one is wrong.

The same is on the subject matter I bring up. Confusion, and uncertainty and problems spiritually are rampant due to the teachings that are popular today. Of course, the New Covenant folks basically have got it down correctly, but those of the other side have mimicked the lines of reasoning on things like this I am dealing with. Let’s look at some areas where this is taking place.

  1. When the Bible clearly states our sins are all forgiven, that is, our original sin which all are born with, which is a state of unbelief or faith, and the sins, plural, which we engage in during life called the fruits of sin, according to the words of God and Christ, which state “they all have been forgiven!
  2. God doesn’t see them any more, they are removed as far as the east is from the west, to be remembered no more!! That is justification by faith because of the Grace and mercy of God. Yes, we find the teachings out there which keep us all under the curse of sin, the bondage of sin, the shame and disgrace and guilt of sin all the time! They call it Progressive Sanctification. We are all still having a Old Heart which is a idol factory, our Old spirit and soul which fails and is not perfect but still sinning etc.! Saying such things keeps one focused upon the sin and the law and surely all will continue to walk in the flesh because of such teachings. We will all be miserable.
  3. HOWEVER, BUT GOD! He has the last words on this. First, it is clear from Romans and Galatians, and really, all of the New Covenant teachings, we have a NEW HEART, a NEW soul, and a NEW spirit and are placed INTO CHRIST, INTO GOD, INTO THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND THE ONE GOD RESIDES IN HIS TEMPLE WHICH IS THE BODY OF THE NEWBORN CREATION, YOU AND I, IF WE ARE BORN AGAIN!
  4. Another factor to consider is this and it is a mystery I know but we are told it exists like this; remaining sin is in the body, it is called the flesh, it is carnal, and alongside of that part of our system is THE NEW CREATION, THE REGENERATED PART OF MAN!
  5. That new man struggles and also the Holy Spirit, with the indwelling sin we have, which is still called the Flesh (Sarx-Greek word)! The battle rages through out our lives. But we are NEW, we are not fallen from Grace, or from His presence and our position in Him when we see sin break forth from time to time, and we (the regenerated new man) are not sinning and sinful. That is what John said in 1 JOhn 1 and also Paul stated in Romans 7.
  6. Men can try to make it go away with their twisting and inventing theories to make it so, but it won’t go away folks. We are perfect in that new man! But the old man is not perfect but sinful! So, sin still resides inside of our bodies!
  7. Through the Holy Spirit and our position in Him we are involved in putting down its tentacles that rise up and seeks to destroy us. This is a mystery still I think to all of us! But that is the way God has left it in us, to deal with.
  8. Jesus DIED once and for all for our sins! He is not being slain again, and again, as the Mass portrays Him without Roman Catholicism. Nor is He being slain again when we come now as New born children of God, when we sin again and come crawling around asking Him to die for us again, and again, and again as we plead for forgiveness!! That is really what we are doing! Asking God to forgive that which is already forgiven! We should confess, asking God to help us through the Spirit and His power to slay the temptation and the activities we are engaged in which are wrong.
  9. HE DID SAY WE WERE FORGIVEN BASED ON THE ONE TIME DEATH AND RESURRECTION WORK CALLED THE GOSPEL! Hebrews states there is no more sacrifice from sin after we trust in Him for the atonement. And people who do not trust in this ONE sacrifice for sins forever, will perish! No sacrifice left, He was the only one! We are married to Him and are ALIVE all the time now, not dead! We are dead to the Law and to Sin – that is ME the New man.
  10. The old man is dead in trespasses and sins NOW and it is in the body which will die because of it, but I WON’T DIE. WHEN YOU SEE MY FUNERAL OR REPORT, I AM DEAD, DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT, BECAUSE I AM ALIVE IN JESUS CHRIST AND WITH HIM FOREVER!! Why can’t the bride of Christ see this today? Why are they still trying to crucify Him anew every day of their lives! We are either forgiven or we are not! So states His message of justification by father because of His grace and mercy!
  11. So, yes we bring our “flesh” and its “sins” to the Lord and confess, but we know they are already forgiven, but we ask for strength, and power over the Flesh to not go there and practice such sins. We sin in so many ways you can’t even begin to count them.
  12. Unknown sins, which appear to not harm others, lack of love for others, lack of love totally for God Himself, not witnessing for Christ as we should, not giving enough of our life or funds to the Glory of Christ in this life, not meditating and studying the word enough, and on and on I can go!
  13. What does that mean? It means that if we are guilty of breaking any one holy, righteous matter before God we are guilty of breaking the whole Law and are Lawbreakers or sinners!
  14. But I say again, with Paul and John, it is not I but sin that dwells in my flesh that sins, for I love Christ, I love the Triune God, I love His law and His character of holiness! That is not a cop out at all! It is reality! It is spiritual reality! It means I know that I am SAVED from HIS wrath, His condemnation, and all of them are paid for and HE sees them no more in therms of judgement and anger.
  15. YES, HE IS GRIEVED, FOR WE CAN GRIEVE THE HOLY SPIRIT WHEN SIN TAKES PLACE. BUT WE ARE ALWAYS WITH HIM, IN HIM, LOVED BY HIM, COVERED IN THE BLOOD ATONEMENT BY HIM, ALWAYS ABIDING IN HIM AND DWELLING IN HIM, BECAUSE HE IS IN US AND WITH US AND DWELLS WITH US 24/7. We love His law, but use it properly! We love morality and not sin! As new creations in Christ we LOVE GOD! Our flesh however is filled with sin! Until we die or Jesus comes back that is the way it is!!!
  16. QUESTION: If one has a problem with my consensus on these issues may I ask this question: How can I be in Christ, in the Father, and in the Holy Spirit (the Triune God), and have God dwelling IN MY BODY WHICH IS HIS TEMPLE, and be seated with HIM in the heavenlies right now AND SIN? If I sin, then God would have to sin because we are NOT IN HIM and HE is in US! Doesn’t make sense at all to go that direction. My contention is the Regenerated part of the human does not sin because we are IN CHRIST, and the unregenerate part of us – our body is dwelling what is called the FLESH, where sin abides! It is seeking always to express itself, and we the new man or creation struggle against such!

by Lamar Carnes 5/9/2020 – 7 weeks Homebound -Social Distancing!

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