The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Where will we find an anchor and a hiding place as we go through life’s journey?

Life is filled with many mysteries!

There are things we just can’t figure out!

In fact, we simply aren’t able to understand and make sense of our life here on planet earth! Working to figure things out will only frustrate us and we will never find inner peace and rest. We can work day and night to figure it all out and end up exhausted.

Peace and rest is only found in the wisdom and grace of the ONE who has it all figured out and rules it all for His glory and our good.

We must trust God our Father, our Creator, and our Lord! And we can only come to the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ, the God/Man. God the Father chose him to be the Mediator between us and himself.

Jesus Christ paid the debt we owed God for being a sinner and rebel against Him!

Christ came in the flesh and lived a perfect life of absolute righteousness among men.

He was ordained by God to go to the cross and be crucified, a method of punishment which would require the shedding of His blood. Atonement could only be made by the shedding of blood, in order to make those whom God chose and called (those who believe and trust in Jesus), spiritually perfect in Christ.

Jesus died in our place and imputed his penal substitutionary death to us.
To prove this was an acceptable sacrifice, Jesus rose from the grave and ascended back to heaven from where he had come, to be His people’s High Priest, making intercession for us every moment of every day.

He is where we find rest, peace, purpose, value, contentment, joy, satisfaction and assurance that all is well.

Nothing in this world will ever provide this for us. It will absolutely fail us every time we go seeking for peace and purpose in our created world.

May He grant all who read this everlasting life as they come to Him as He calls, confessing and repenting of their sin, and in humility crying out to God for forgiveness. God then gives us salvation and peace, creating a new heart in us and making us part of His forever family!

Salvation comes by faith alone, in Christ alone, by Grace alone, for the Glory of God alone. It is not by works of righteousness we do, but by God alone do we find salvation and the reason and purpose for life.

The world today is out of order.  It is under a curse.  Mankind is a fallen creature in sin, except for those redeemed by Jesus Christ the Lord from Glory! 

1 John 2: 15-17 reads; “Do not love the world or the things in the world….” and the rest of the verses speak of how it is diseased and in spiritual darkness.

The world tomorrow will be different.  All things will be made “new” and the “old” will pass away and be burned up! 

The Bible is the meta-narrative all about the Lord Jesus Christ, the Commander in Chief of Heaven’s Armies and the Savior of His people whom He planned before creation to save from destruction and hell and punishment. 

Throughout the articles written in our site, you can find a hiding place of rest, peace, assurance, contentment, and joy in Christ Jesus.

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