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Over the history of the assemblies of the Lord Jesus, called the body of Christ on earth, the people of God have been looking for the promised return of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things that exist! Will HE be coming soon? What are the ways or even the promises made by Christ that He will return? This article will touch on a few items about all of this.


The entire Bible has as its subject the person Christ Jesus the King, the Lord, the God/man, the Commander in Chief of Heavens Armies who was promised to come and be the Messiah or Savior of His people, the High Priest interceding for His people forever, the King who will rule and reign over them and the entire creation forever, and also, that He would come back down to planet earth in the same manner they had seen Him ascend back to heaven in the clouds!

Do the signs of the times speak about His soon return?

Is there anything preventing His return even today?

Since the Bible spoke of His very soon return to the people living during His period of time right before He left earth, was He wrong since He hasn’t come back for some 2000 plus years, or have we interpreted His words incorrectly?



In Matthews Gospel and also the other Gospels we find words concerning how Jesus stated He would come back to ‘that generation’ of people living whom He was speaking to at that very moment. In fact, He stated that His next coming the judgment of Christ would be exercised upon them all including judgment for all of their killings of the prophets of God in time past, that is, they (the current generation) would have God’s punishment placed upon them due to their past fathers murdering God’s servants, etc.!

Also, moving into the Epistles of Paul and of Peter, including Revelation by the Apostle John, we find that Jesus was to come back real soon! So did He? Did He keep that promise?

Yes, He did! He came back in 70 AD and even the few years prior He began a work of Judgment upon the Jewish unbelievers and the nation. It was finalized in 70 AD. Christ came down into the area of the world where Jerusalem was and its Jewish inhabitants and the part of the Roman world which controlled that area. Christ, with His Holy Angels, came back in judgment which was so terrible, absolutely unheard of strikes which caused many signs and wonders upon the area of a magnitude never before seen in such a manner.

Jewish people killing each other, family members slaughtering each other, the Romans killing them also, and being killed along with them in warfare. Blood flowed so heavily around the area it really was a land deep with blood all over the place. One needs to read the historian Josephus, a Jew who was considered one of the honest and dependable writers and person of the day, who wrote about all he could find and what he observed during this time. He even reports signs and wonders in the sky above, actual appearances of heavenly beings appearing to be in a warlike activity, not to speak of other miracles and signs that took place. Christ follower were warned ahead of time so they could flee from the area and escape the judgment that was to come and they did. So, Christ did come back as He promised but in judgment. However, there is still another coming which was promised and it has not taken place yet. That is the final last day of last days! That I would like to address in order to examine what scripture gives us about that time and what is going on prior to this last Coming of Christ.


Much is written in the O.T. and N.T. about the last and final coming of Christ to planet earth. As you can see from what was shown in this article this would be the 3rd coming of Christ back to earth. There are many different matters which must take place prior to this event.

For instance, through out Pauls epistles, he gives us much information about the times and events going on prior to His last coming. Such things as people conducting their affairs as usual, but also, wars, rumors of wars, and conflicts and people filled with many sinful activities of life.

I direct you to the epistles of Thessalonians, Timothy, and even Peter in his epistles and Jude.

Paul speaks to Timothy in 2 Timothy chapters 3 and 4 (please read), that people generally will engaged in so many sinful activities the list is long. Selfish, conflicts, slander, hate, chaos, terrorism, sexual perversions, no love for others, haters of God and Christ, haters of the Lords people, persecutions, lying, murder, rape, etc., etc.! Plus we find out also in the epistles that there has to be a work of Satan whereby he raises up the Anti Christ (a single person), along with a False Prophet, and they will be working to deceive people who are living on this planet. It will be not only going on in the USA, but the entire world system of nations.

We must remember there are only two types of people living on this earth. One group is a group who is in the family of Satan and demons. They hate God, morality, Christ, and God’s chosen people. They also hate each other. The second group are those who are God’s and Christ’s chosen elect ones who follow Christ Jesus as King and Lord. People will have in their very families many times this mixed multitude and it is hard for parents or even children to realize that some of their own immediate family members may be like this, but it is very clear and the truth. Today, people do not wish to entertain the fact that Satan has human beings in his family and kingdom! But denial of or just not wanting to think about it doesn’t change the fact as it really is! So these two evil personages will come on the scene before Christ comes back and they will be working many miracles and deceptive things seeking to make a one world Government and a one world religious body, persecution and killing Christ and God followers and worshipping idols and even ONE person who claims to be God.


Presently, we find big signs that things like I mentioned above are taking place in our very country right now. The burning of buildings and properties, the burning of police cars and demanding we get rid of police departments so crime can continue without interruption and no accountability, the hate and the slander and the lies such as you see taking place against our President Trump has now gone on for almost 4 years.

Hate, persecution of the Churches and Ministers and members is going on stronger today than it ever has been in the USA! Governors and Mayors are persecuting the Lord’s people and forbidding worship and seeking to harm the body of Christ. These God haters keep executing their rules of evil over Christians and even Jews now breaking every law and rule our nation has against such actions.

I would argue that these are signs of the coming of the Last Day of Days upon this planet earth. God may bring a revival or an awakening to certain nations or peoples, but He also may bring the final Day of Judgment. We do not yet know which way it will go, but we know HE will certainly bring judgment or spiritual awakenings one or the other for sure.

In closing, I would like to encourage God’s people to remember these things:

Psalm 32:8 shows God’s promise to us, and reads, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

So, to each of you saints of God, let us remember we are just as immortal as God is now because WE ARE IN HIM AND HE IS IN US! Nothing can happen to us unless God allows it to happen. We can’t change it for one minute. Even if we pray about a certain matter to change, God is still in charge and if He says yes and is positive about it to us, that was meant and decided to have been so before the world was even created because He had planned it that way.

What does this mean then? It means you can go forward in Faith, trusting in Him as you go and move through life and its events knowing that NOTHING will happen to you that God has not ordained to happen to you! So go forth doing what you do walking by faith, being joyful, happy, delighted in God, and Christ, dancing, singing, shouting, praising, playing instruments of music, witnessing, living for Jesus and fighting the good fight of faith and the enemies of the God also with the Word of God, rather than weapons of warfare of this world. That means we pay close attention to Ephesians 6. And also, 2 Timothy 3 and 4. Remember also God told us to not fear man, but fear Him! We don’t have to fear the possibility of thousands of terrorists for God will kill everyone of them before they harm us if that is in His will. We also will not get the Flu, a Virus, a plague ever unless God has ordained we have such. So go in faith and do not worry. Do not test HIM and be reckless, but do what is right and you will be just fine on God’s good green earth until He comes or we go to be with Him prior to that time. Remember HE is life eternal and we shall never die but live forever either here on planet earth and the translation or we go to Him ahead of that time and be clothed with a spiritual body until the resurrection. In any case we will be with HIM! Amen!

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