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SPOTLIGHT: The Epistle of 1 John!

Looking and reading and meditating upon the words of God written by the Apostle John, a man who wrote under the Inspiration (God breathed) power of God to him, said this about sin and forgiveness:

Chapter 2: “My dear children, I am writing this to you so that you will NOT sin. BUT if anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father. He is Jesus Christ the ONE who is truly righteous. He Himself is the sacrifice that ATONES for our sins——-and NOT ONLY for our sins but the sins of all the world.”


God is through His servant John teaching us this about sin and forgiveness.

First, He is stating that our Lord Jesus Christ at the Cross, paid for and atoned for our sins. That means that every sin, past, present and future are fully paid for by Christ. Here in this verse the Lord through John, is telling us NOT TO SIN. We are to stay away from sinful activities. We are through the Spirit given to us live by the Spirit and not by the acts and deeds of the fallen nature (sin) still residing in our unregenerate bodies.

However, he did not say (God did not say), that we would never sin or not sin. We may sin and engage in such even after being born again, and have the Holy Spirit living in us. That is clearly shown here as a reality. But, God says, if we do engage in a sin(s), then we need to realize that Christ Jesus has already forgiven us for such, and it is covered by His blood.

Then God says that Jesus Himself is the sacrifice that atones for our sins in verse 1 and 2 of Chapter 2. But He states that Christ NOT ONLY atones for our sins but the sins of the whole world. So what does that mean?

One has to recognize this about that statement; Other places in the word of God we are told that human beings who do not trust and rely upon Christ as their Lord God and Savior will be punished and be sent to hell and/or the Lake of fire. They cannot escape from God’s wrath unless they are born again, and unless they have Jesus Christ’s atonement upon them. So, when one trusts in Jesus, the wrath and condemnation is removed from their life. Eternal Life is Given.

So how do we deal with this truth that if God sacrificed His only begotten Son by shedding His blood and putting upon Jesus our sins and the sins of the world also, how can then lost peoples unbelief not be included in that atonement, yet it is included in the ones who are saved by God’s grace!

I would argue this by the following approach using scriptural teachings on the matters of atonement and propitiation (God Satisfied)!

Remember, that no man seeks after God ever! None! All have sinned and rebelled. So states Romans, an Epistle written to us given to Paul the Apostle by God. So, since none seeks after God, God seeks after those whom He calls and then draws them to His Son Jesus, and Christ makes them spiritually alive through His word and the Holy Spirits power, and then they have the abilities spiritually to cry out for forgiveness, making confessions of their sins, and asking Christ to save them, which they do, and God births them spiritually into His kingdom of believers and now they are saints!

The question comes up then about this; what about the fact that Christ’s atonement covered the sins of the whole world? Yes His work did! But remember, even though unbelief is a sin among all of the others, and the atonement would cover unbelief, but yet all do not come to Christ and engage in trust and belief in Christ. So, without that actually happening in a persons life (reason being they are lost and will not come and God has to act first in order for them to come to Him), they have no atonement personally because one has to believe in Christ! All that prevents them from having the Atonement done already by Christ in the shedding of His blood, is their own personal choice of living in sin and being in bondage to their father Satan. But they will not come!

This moves one to the answer of how then can anyone be saved? Romans 9 shows you how and why some are saved and others are not! But the fact remains that Christ took care of the entire matter of sin as an entity that exists when He died upon the cross and rose from the dead. SIN as an entity and and an power in human lives, must be dealt with in order for Christ to remove the entire Curse from it when He comes back and burns up the earth and makes a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwells only righteousness. NO MORE SIN for it was taken care of at the cross. Remember, Satan, the author of sin, demons (fallen angels), and wicked people who hate God and are sinners and wicked people on earth, all are judged and punished by Christ. The Atonement had no effect for redemption with them, only those whom God called and saved have the Atonement made for them at the cross, but the blood was Sufficient, and Powerful enough to save all peoples and also to put down all evil that Satan was and is doing and his demons. But they are not saved nor are the wicked humans saved because they are NOT chosen by Christ to be under the Blood of Christ at all.

Actually this is the ONLY answer the word gives us. Why not all? We know not! But we should be asking WHY ME at all for we are all sinners!!!

Again, Christ and His blood is sufficient enough, powerful enough to save all humans but HE has not chosen to do so!! If we state it otherwise, such as, God will not do enough to save them, because they are stubborn and reject Him and He won’t force them, then we have serious problems, because we are saying that God is not able to do what is RIGHT and JUST and that something (rebellion and rejection and Satan also because every lost person is in his family) making Satan more powerful than God and sin more powerful than God, thus those are really God and GOD is not GOD! His attributes crush any thought otherwise!

So, as Paul states in Romans, God has a loving and right and just posture when He saves some and lets others stay where they are!! We know now why we are saved by His grace and mercy since we are the same type sinners as all others, but we are NOT to know they reason for our individual personhood being considered as the ones, so that mystery is left with God. We cannot call Him into question for doing otherwise. He does what is right all the time.

We don’t have the right or ability to question God and His choices!! So, the so called Armenians (free will folks), are just not correct and the problems they posture tear down the Attributes of God totally, and make God a NO GOD but a pawn in the hands of man, Satan and Sin! Never is true and never will happen! They have a wrong perception of the character and personhood of God! Also they have a false view of man and his character and make up under his total and complete depravity due to sin. Much is amiss with them. It is apparent that man wishes to make God to be what they wish him to be, that is in their own image! This is a terrible sinful posture to be in concerning our beliefs. We enter into blasphemy when we engage in corrupting the name which is above every other name given among men, other than the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and our God for the salvation of our souls.

So, back to our main thought; Sinful acts can be done by saints, but they obey the law of Christ, which means we fall under His Atonement and we remember He is our Savior and paid for all of our sins and that means forgives them all, so we rejoice in that and let Him know we understand His total work of forgiveness for what we have done, and how He did it and how that HE KEEPS us from totally falling into condemnation again. If one has the Holy Spirit, knows He or She trusts in Christ, and knows the truth, then they are saved even if they sin personally after being saved. There is a part of our entire spiritual being that is now perfect in Christ, living in Christ, and abiding in Christ that cannot be corrupted by sin even by our own fallen nature which exists in our bodies. We are perfect in Christ and called Saints now! We do have struggles and problems with the fallen nature during our journey of life here but Christ keeps us from falling into perdition and hell and the lake of fire, and keeps us safe from the wrath and condemnation of God the Father by making intercessions for us 24/7!!!

Today, on New Year 2021, a time in which I would like folks to remember making all of these vows and goals you set to do this or that will not work and it is futility. I think our God wishes us to engage in the walk of faith (trust, reliance, and confidence) in Him alone to continue HIS good work in us. Remember, He said, “”work out your own salvation with Fear and Trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work according to His own good pleasure. ” Philippians 2:13.

As you see, our good works (those initiated by God alone) are the only ones worthy or the only ones with value before God since HE is the initiator and not us! If it were us we would be doing the work and it would NOT work, would not avail, would be of no value at all. That is what walking in the Spirit means when you read such in the word of God. As most of you perhaps know, we live in a fallen, corrupted body by sin which is falling apart and finally will go back to dust. But in that body because of sin and the curse from God in Adam, we had SARX (SIN) living and doing its work throughout our total lifetime, even after we were forgiven and born again. God freed us from its power as it exists in our body of flesh, but we must exercise this power of His resurrection via faith to overcome the desires which seek to go out of control due to the sin factor. God allows sin to operate in this body of flesh we live in so HE can show off to us and the world and to the powers of the unseen world HE is mercy, grace, love and pardon and eventually the ONE who only can glorify us and make us totally pure and holy before Him in Love.

Notice some thoughts From Key Life, on the matter of sin and our salvation and what God is doing. “There is a direct correlation between a Christian’s proclivity to wear a mask and God’s proclivity to rip it off. While this is difficult, remember that it is God’s grace. God is a merciful God who, in his mercy, rips off our masks and stomps on our hidden agendas.A kind God allows us to sin . . . and sometimes sin big. Well, maybe it would be better to say that a kind God will clearly reveal your sin to you or he will clearly reveal it to others. He will reveal the greatness of your sin to you or allow you to sin greatly.An example: Nathan confronted David about his murder and adultery in 2 Samuel 12. If that doesn’t make you wince, there’s something wrong with you. Then David writes one of the most profound confessions found in the entire Bible, Psalm 51.Read that psalm and watch God ripping the mask off David. It will give hope to the great sinner (that would be you and me) that God is a gracious and forgiving God. And not only that, you will know the source of David’s power, the reason he could write such incredible and moving psalms, and why he is called “a man after [God’s] own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14).

There is a direct correlation between a Christian’s proclivity to wear a mask and God’s proclivity to rip it off.The greatest gift that God gives to the people he loves is their sin . . . when they know it. And the greatest curse to a Christian is that Christian’s obedience . . . when he or she knows it.As I understand it, the Bible teaches that people are sinners because we sin . . . all of us. Sin, rebellion, and disobedience have infiltrated the fiber of every bit of God’s creation and all of God’s creatures. That’s not because God likes sin. He hates sin because it is destructive and dangerous to everything that is important. It isn’t because God doesn’t want us to have a good time.

He is not the “spoilsport” some preachers and religious folks make him out to be. It isn’t because he takes delight in punishing us when we get out of line. Good heavens, God did just the opposite and perpetrated the greatest injustice in the history of the world, the punishment poured out on his own Son as a “propitiation for our sins” (1 John 2:2).God allowed sin for his grandeur and majesty (the Bible calls that his “glory”) and for your freedom. For God’s sake, don’t waste your sin; acknowledge it. Don’t kick against the goads, carefully plan your agendas of protection, or tighten the masks lest anyone see. Besides, God, because he loves you, won’t let you do it. Then you will be free.God hates the way the shame, fear, and guilt of our hidden agendas and masks rob us of freedom and joy.

He hated it so much that he went through a “mess” of trouble and pain to set us free.After you have suffered enough, been embarrassed enough, been wrong enough, and sinned enough, he will hug you and invite you to a party he throws for people who are really free, who don’t care much what others think, and who have been deeply loved when they didn’t deserve it.You’ll be better for it.I know, I know. I hate it when people say that to me. But in this case, it’s true. Maybe not “better” but free—and that really is better.Adapted from Steve’s book, Hidden Agendas: Dropping the Masks that Keep Us Apart.

Article in parenthesis above is from Key Life Ministries and is not indicating all of Key Life’s positions are advocated by GraceWo


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