Many Christians will walk and live in Old Covenant bondage. Regarding the Law as a Divine Ordinance for our way of life and its directions, they consider their lives prepared and fitted by conversion to take up the fulfillment of the Law as a natural duty. – Andrew Murry written during his lifetime – 1828-1917.

To many people in this world they think of Christianity like this since that is what they observe in so called Christians;

They think “why should I want to subject myself to something that appears to be making so many people miserable?” They think Christianity is more like Cancer than a Cure! Simply because that is what many people portray as what Christianity produces by their own lifestyles and mannerism etc.!

Well, it is easy to find out why so called Christians are appearing miserable to others. Think of this; There are over 600 commandments in all consisting of 250 actions on the Jewish to-do list, and 350 items and actions to abstain from also. Then violations of the Law such as idolatry, sexual sins, etc., and punishable by death! Well, with Israel none of this was able to be carried out by the Jews for they failed all the time and were miserable. So too, it is for so called Christians today who try to use the Law of God and Christ to obtain salvation or to be better or more sanctified. Why? Because the LAW was to only show how bad off we were so we would cry out for a Savior, it was never designed to be kept, it has now power to do so at all. We need a Savior, one who can really save us and deliver us from Sin! That is what the Gospel does and means. We NEVER are instructed to go the Law for either salvation or sanctification. God and Christ becomes our performer and He transfers to us His own works and His own righteousness and covers our sins and frees us from such sin. True freedom comes by and through GRACE – the unmerited favor of God to lost sinners!

  1. What if we could do away with ALL of the religious guilt and live our lives in delight and joyful attitudes?
  2. What if we could really enjoy a intimacy and relationship with God so much we really know He is with us right now?
  3. What if we could just live our life just being ourselves and express Christ Jesus as Lord during it all?
  4. All of this would mean the religious stuff would end, we would not have to every day analyze ourselves and measure our spiritually all the time as if we were some unsafe, insecure and potentially lost person with no assurance!!!

Well there is a way to do that and it is free and without price, you can’t buy it! There is a way. It is the NEW way! It is what God really intended all along for the dedicated and miserable people throughout history. And this New ay is the New Covenant Gospel which brings this when properly understood and embraced. God has prepared a much better life than even the believers of the Old Covenant had. Notice the following:

Hebrews 11:39-40 – “These (Old Testament saints) were all commended for their faith, yet NONE of them Received what had been promised. God had planned SOMETHING BETTER FOR US so that together with us would they be made PERFECT”. It has everything to do with the New Covenant cut by Christ Jesus on the Cross.

This New Covenant has a Priest. He is not one like the Old Covenant of LAW people had. He is not from the Aronic Priesthood at all. That is OVER God said and a New Priest has come to town! His name is Jesus and He is under the order of Melchezadek. A Priest that lives forever and never dies and is not involved with the Mosaic law which passed away and is no longer involved in the life of a Christian believer. It was for lost sinners only and now we are saved from the Law and from Sin! Christ paid the price ONCE and for all and eternally lives to be our eternal Priest! No more masses, no more last rites, no more rule of Law bringing condemantion. He paid it all and we go FREE!!

What law did God put on our hearts now under the new covenant? It was spoken of as God’s LawS plural not singular Mosaic law. These laws are called the Royal Law” in James 2:8. The Law that brings freedom – James 1:25; 2:12 and Jesus’ commands 1 John 3:24. God’s commandments are to LOVE Him and to Love each other – Mark 12:30-31. They are not burdensome. If the Mosaic laws were written on our heart today, imagine the consequences! The dietary restrictions, the wardrobe regulations, and hundreds of other rules overhwelming us just as they did the Jews with all of the Moral restrictions and demands. THE NEW IS DIFFERENT AND SIMPLE! SO REMEMBER THIS:

1 TIMOTHY 1: 8-11 – We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. We also know that the Law is made NOT for righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious…..And it is for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine that conforms to the gospel concerning the glory of the blessed God, which he entrusted to me.”

So what purpose was it for? Exclusively for unbelievers and not for saints and saved people. Today, God recognizes two types of people; Believers and Unbelievers. In the Old Covenant days He recognized only Jews and Gentiles. The law was for Jews but today the New Covenant speaks to Believers and the LAW speaks to Unbelievers which we once were.

Here is the final word to all of us today on the Law, so listen or read carefully: ROMANS 3: 19-20 — “Now we know that whatever the Law says, it says TO THOSE WHO ARE UNDER THE LAW, so that every Mouth may be Silenced and the whole world held accountable to God. Therefore NO ONE will be declared righteous IN HIS SIGHT BY OBSERVING THE LAW; RATHER, THROUGH THE LAW WE BECOME CONSCIOUS OF SIN.”

Listen to this, we are told as believers NOW to Shut up about this law for it is NOT on our plate and it is over with! We are FREE from the Law with all that Freedom gives us under GRACE! So go and dance, laugh, and delight yourselves in Jesus Christ and walk in the Holy Spirit praising God forever!! YOU are truly FREE!! The book of Romans, Galatians and many other epistles tells us clearly that the Law will only bring guilt, condemnation and even more sinful acts out of a human life when it is used and depended upon! Sin uses it like that SO STOP IT! LIVE IN FREEDOM AND WORSHIP CHRIST JESUS IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH!

Today I listened to up and coming popular minister downplay and speak against the word of God as I have shared it to you in this article concerning Grace and Salvation. He insisted that the Moral Law (Which really is the Mosaic Law that Paul is speaking about so much, and even more than the 10 Commandments for all things are moral if God states them as a Law which would certainly include the ceremonial aspects of the Law. He tried to claim this was not so but it is. Nothing God says is immoral or neutral, if He speaks it is Law anyway. To go on though, He stated we are to use the moral law as he understands it to live out our sanctification works daily and not to toss out the Law! He also disclaimed he was a legalist even though he made us fall under the moral law to accomplish our salvation and sanctification. Listen, Paul ends the case so listen to Him and God who gave Him these words:

Galatians 2:15 – “We who are Jews by birth and not sinful Gentiles, Know that a person is

NOT justified by the works of the Law, but by Faith (alone) in Jesus Christ…….because by the works of the law NO ONE will be justified.”

Just read again Galatians and Romans and you will find that we DIED to this Law of Moses and are now under Grace and the New Covenant Lass (Plural) of Christ which is a totally different thing.

Of course we read all of the words of God given by Paul and Peter and Jude etc., speaking of how we are to live out our Lives in this world IN THE SPIRIT OF COURSE BUT NOT BY THE POWER OF THE LAW OR WORKS, BUT BY FAITH. OUR WALK REFLECTS OF COURSE THE LIFE OF JESUS AND HIS WAY WHICH IS RIGHTEOUS. It is very evident that we are NOW righteous and we in our New Person or New Nature do not commit Sin but Sin in the flesh is still there and it works evil and sin until we leave the body and pass away, but our New person isn’t contaminating the Holy Spirit and God. Yes, we can grieve the Holy Spirit by paying attention the SIN in the body and carry out its desire, but that doesn’t change us into lost, or sinful beings when we are now Saints. We do not bounce back and forth at all. The gentlemen I spoke of (Mike) just doesn’t get all of the former words I have given in this article at all. He doesn’t really know WHO he is in Christ yet, but if he is saved and I can’t be 100% sure, but I think he may be but just unlearned in the Words which he looks at and reads every day. It is so scary to read the word of God and not understand it at all. Pray God will show him and all of us what this is all about. Eternity and Life is at stake!

So, I will use a little more street talk English in order to help get the entire scenario concerning eternal life. First, God calls His elect, chosen ones by the word of God the Gospel preached using various means preaching the primary means, but He uses also various other means to draw or call one of His elect such as ‘words to direct a person to read the scripture”, or actual visions within ones mind and heart enabling one to want to bow their knees to God and call upon Him to forgiven their sins and trust in Christ Jesus and His sacrifice for sin(s)! In some way or means God gets His elect to respond to His call to perform the miracle of the New Birth or Born Again experience. NONE of this is due to a persons personal works or abilities to make it happen. God is the First cause and Only Cause of all of this happening. We never do good works, never perform any spiritual activities mentally or physically that would make this happen. We DO NOT use the Mosaic Law commonly thought of as the 10 Commandments to gain any favor with God for salvation NOR for sanctification and growth later in our spiritual walk with Christ Jesus. Being IN CHRIST demands that the Spirit of God is there causing us to want to “work out our own salvation with fear and trembling BECAUSE IT IS GOD WORKING IN US BOTH TO DO AND TO WILL OF HIS GOOD PLEASURE. HE PROVIDES US SPIRITUAL MEANS TO ENABLE US TO HAVE FAITH, REPENTANCE, UNDERSTANDING SPIRITUAL TRUTH, AND THE ABILITY TO KNOW WHO JESUS CHRIST REALLY IS ETC.! THE LAW WAS NEVER DESIGNED TO MAKE ONE SAVED OR TO ENABLE ONE TO BE RIGHTEOUS AT ALL. ITS ONLY DESIGN AND PURPOSE WAS TO SHOW HUMANS THEY CAN’T DO IT, THEY REALLY ARE UNABLE TO SEE ANYTHING THROUGH IT EXCEPT THAT THEY ARE LOST, WICKED SINNERS WHO HAVE BROKEN ALL OF GOD’S LAWS AND ARE UNDER CONDEMNATION AND WRATH AND NEED A SAVIOUR. THAT IS WHERE THE LAW SITS PERIOD! THESE MINISTERS AND WRITERS WHO KEEP PUSHING THE LAW OF GOD ON US NOW AFTER GOD HAS SAVED US (FOR THE LAW DOES BRING OUT WE ARE SINNERS AT FIRST CALL OF GOD) BUT WHEN THE NEW BIRTH COMES ABOUT WE DIE TO THE LAW AND NEVER USE IT AGAIN. WE ARE DELIVERED FROM ITS PURPOSE AND DESIGN. NOW WE LIVE IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST AND GOD AND WALK IN THE SPIRIT AND ARE NEW BORN CREATURES CALLED SAINTS NOT SINNERS. ALL SIN HAS BEEN FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN BY GOD! ALL OF THEM! PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. HOWEVER, IN OUR 24/7 LIFE WE HAVE A ENEMY LIVING WITHIN OUR FLESH WHICH HAS NOT BEEN REMOVED AND THE FLESH HAS NOT BEEN REGENERATED OR MADE ALIVE UNTO GOD FOR ONE MOMENT. THAT COMES LATER AFTER THE FLESH (BODY) DIES AND GOES BACK TO DUST AND THEN RESURRECTED WHEN CHRIST COMES BACK. SO WHILE LIVING IN THE MIDST OF THIS FLESH (SIN) IN THE BODY, WE FIGHT AGAINST ITS DESIRES TO SIN! BEING IN CHRIST WITH HIM THERE ENABLING US TO STAND AGAINST THIS ENEMY, WE LOSE SOME BATTLES AND WIN SOME BATTLES. BUT THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING SAVED, CONTINUING IN SALVATION OR BEING MADE HOLY. THAT IS ALREADY DONE! WE ARE HOLY, PRIEST’S, A NEW CREATION OR PERSON, AND ARE IN CHRIST AND GOD FOR THEY LIVE IN US 24/7! GOD LOOKS UPON US NOW IN THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST ALONE AND WHAT HE DID FOR US IN HIS LIFE ON EARTH OBEYING THE LAW, AND WHAT HE DID ON THE CROSS PAYING FOR OUR SINS DELIVERING US FROM SUCH SIN AND EVIL AND NOW WE ARE REALLY A DUALITY, A PERISHING BODY CALLED THE FLESH WHERE SIN DWELLS, AND A ETERNAL LIFE PRSON WHO IS A NEW PERSON WITH A NEW NATURE CALLED A SAINT, OR CHILD OF GOD AND IN HIS FOREVER FAMILY! That is about all I can say on it now. That is the truth. Anything less or more outside of those great truths is heresy! I could speak more of what took place in the Regeneration, new birth, atonement, reconciliation and other matters that salvation brings but my blog will go over all of those to some extent ! Check it out! GraceWorxs.com!


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