Spiritual food for Spiritual development and maturity in the faith is the aim of my writings on these subjects from Scripture!

Most all Christians know the following, especially those who are considered believers, that the Scriptures are the Divine Inspired words from God to us, and what it states about Jesus Christ the Lord.

So, assuming this, we know that the Bible is clear on the following:

1. Jesus stated we must be born again!

2. He stated also throughout the Gospels and Epistles a person must be Regenerated (brought to life spiritually from the dead state he or she was in with Satan and Darkness.

3. He states either directly in the Gospels or in the Epistles through His Apostles that we have been Delivered, from: Sin, Death, Satan, Demons, Darkness, the Law, and are now IN Christ, and God the Father dwells in us as well! We are in Hm and we have the Holy Spirit (God) in us and we are seated in the heavenlies with Christ Jesus now! We are not in bondage to sin anymore.

We are no longer under the Wrath and Condemnation of God and saved from hell and the Lake of Fire. We are considered adopted into the family of God and our destination is heaven not hell. It also teaches us that HE will not allow us to fall and be under the curse again but rather keeps us from falling and will present us faultless before His very presence and Throne. Check out all of this in the N.T. and O.T. readings. There are all clearly revealed.

Now since those are things that took place, that means this;

1. John states in 1 John’s Epistle Chapter 3, we as Saints cannot sin now for His seed is in us.

2. Paul states in Romans 7 that he, and any saved person is included! This means we do not sin, but sin is doing the sinning in our body and not Paul for he loves God and loves the law of God, but sin is actively creating wrong doings in the human body and fleshes it way out in conduct. So, it is impossible for us to ever sin again, that is, the Newborn or New Birthed Ones, who have been regenerated (brought to Spiritual Life in Christ) and All of our sins have been forgiven forever (Justification by Faith in Christ Alone)! I am speaking of the “born again” new creation part of our being which lives in a sinful body, and has sin dwelling in it, and its fleshly carnal desires still operate, but through the Holy Spirit can be controlled, but also, the sin can still function from time to time in us.

If we could sin (as new birthed children of God), then even God would sin because we are Totally IN HIM NOW not just when we pass away bodily, but right now our innermost being is IN CHRIST and God dwells within us and the Holy Spirit dwells within us. It is impossible for us to sin. Since God can’t and won’t allow SIN to rule or reign in our new personhood, we are always looked upon by the Triune God as Perfect and totally Sanctified in His presence and Holy and Righteous because it is HIS Character traits that HE put us in!!! So, what is this matter then of personal sin(s) we commit every day.

In fact, I would say that most all of us who know God through Christ sin in some fashion every day. Can you really say or think that you have the ability or power to live 24 hours 7 days a week and NOT engage in some type of Sin? Remember the very things you may not be thinking of right now can be sinful acts or activities going on in your life. Did you really Pray today, Read and Meditate on His Word today, have all pure thoughts and ideas totally, not eat too much, went overboard in your activities of life wearing yourself out and harming your body?

My point is this; In our new perfectly created by God’s grace, New Divine Nature which is in us, and our location being IN HIM NOW and having HIS Holy Spirit dwelling in us Now, we (or that part of us called the New Creation) never can sin and never will sin for it is Impossible due to who we are now. This duality, or separation exists in this human body.

As a type, when we were born into this world as a baby, we had Adams Nature totally. No chance of not being one of Adam’s babies for sin came in the blood line from our First Father!

Next, we are NOW in the 2nd Adam (Christ Jesus the Lord), and HIS pure blood, HIS holy righteousness lived out through His entire life on planet earth as a Human 100% without sin, is now who we are. We are HIS child and His children do not sin and cannot sin because of Who we are now! We are partakers of the Divine Nature due to the New Birth! So, what about our daily sin(s)? The body of ours with SIN dwelling in it, is called the Flesh! That part of us has NOT been regenerated, has not been Resurrected, has NOT been changed one bit and is still captivated and controlled by the factor called Sin that dwells there. It always seeks to be used by Satan, the world and our own fallen body of fleshly carnal desires still residing in this body we have.

We have a entire New innermost being called the Heart, the soul, the spirit, and a new nature (divine). This exists at the same time our body does with its sin. The outward temptations that come, seeks to stir up SIN (singular) in such a manner that it wants to create sinful activities by way of the desires of our human nature still existing in the body.

So, we have a natural human desire to eat. But outside influences and even our sinful flesh wants to eat too much and so the temptation comes and that we do, meaning the desire overwhelms the WILL of our human nature and we eat too much and thus the fruit comes forth as sinful fruit = eating too much!

But if we are real born again Christians and Saints, we are to through the Holy Spirit and the word of God, seek to control this activity by looking for a way of escape from the temptation before it becomes sin, but if we don’t, we fall into this sinful act and thus we have sinned. But it was NOT our new person sinning but sin in the body which sinned. In that sense one may say well it was me, and that is correct in the sense of the fallen state portion of your being which has NOT been redeemed and changed.

Note the Apostle Paul in Romans 7. God is using all of this to help us work on sanctification of the sinful body (flesh) all of our earthly lifetime until we depart from it. So, we seek to slay, or kill the sinful lustful activities which seek to arise and create such a malady in our activities of life. We fail many times but conquer many times. It is going to be this way till we pass away. Now, the term Practice just means that in a 24/7 day we do not continually practice any type of sinful act all of that period of time regularly and through the years. Yet, we do in some sense have sin going on personally and failing more than we think during any given day or night period.

Since our Inner New Person is always perfect, we need not seek to do what Roman Catholics do and that is to have a Mass all the time recreating the Death of Christ Jesus. That is wrong. Christ said He paid the price due for our sins (all of them which may happen in our lifetime) are not remembered by God anymore or no more. But these failures we recognize, and we do not hide them from God at all but bring them openly up in our prayer time and admit the flesh failed Him but thank Him those sins He paid for, and we are so thankful for His grace and mercy they are paid for by Him and His blood which was shed.

Of course, if we allow our carnal natural sinful flesh to operate and sin against another person, we ask them to forgive us. But God, whom we sin against, has forgiven all of our sins already, so we thank Him for that Grace and Mercy but ask Him to help us through His Spirit to control the flesh more throughout our lifetime here. We also must be a person who Hates sin, doesn’t want to sin and desires to be free from it all because our conscience lets us know this right quickly. If this isn’t the truth I have shown, then we have a very convoluted written scripture and mixed-up ideas and things are just not right.

Confusion exists, but God said He was not the author of Confusion. So, I contend that the Bible is clear on this for any other idea is Not Biblical, Not Theological sound, not even reflective of purity and Certainly presents God in a bad light as if He did not do what He has said He did, to everyone who is born again. And we know God does not lie and He keeps His word. So, we are “new people 100% and not half sinners and half saints, but 100% saints and 100% sin abiding in the flesh sinners. Remember Jesus was both God and Man. 100% man without sin and 100% God without sin. We too, as born-again new nature and new creations are 100% in Christ pure and holy and 100% a sinner in the body of the flesh at the same time. (But separated)

A last thought on this can be considered from Romans 8 the Entire Chapter and I would suggest you read those words entirely thinking closely about them and meditating on them. This is the real answer to the matter from the Holy Spirit through Paul to us. The bottom line is that a person must have the new birth spiritually existing and from that we are In Christ Jesus spiritually, and we have the Holy Spirit existing in us right now also, and we are in the Father also for we are His children. If that is so we (the new person) walks in the Spirit, but the old man or old fleshly way of life is now dead and sin even though it exists in the body of flesh is NOT the controlling matter in our lives anymore.

There was a real switch and change that took place. Now, we should “feed” the new person we are with every word of God (scripture) and engage in all things we are instructed to engage in found in the Epistles under the New Covenant. If our life and character reflect the same old way of life we had before we say we believed in Jesus, then most likely one is not saved at all. We must have some big difference existing in our life now because we are In Christ and have been made a New Person. Living next door or should I say in close intimate contact almost with sin in the Flesh, sensing its pull, its desires to function along with the desires and push back against sin by the Holy Spirit is what happens now.

But the Spirit filled life we are in is the controller. Self-Control is a aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit. So, if one is always out of control there is a serious problem. Time for each to check up on things from the word of God. God and His word are NOT weak, NOT unable to correct and make things happen powerfully in our lives now if we exercise our faith (given to us by God) on a daily basis. Much prayer, much eating of the word of God spiritually, and much reliance upon the Holy Spirit is now our way of life. Lay aside all evil conduct is the point! Kill it, slay it, crush it, and stand against it in the Name of Jesus Christ and through his Power.

To establish and bring about the ‘bottom line message’ settling all of this is the book of Galatians. Paul is so full of righteous anger, over the people who worked hard to undermine the Grace of God in and through Jesus Christ alone and His work, that he stated quite openly and frankly that ‘anyone, whether a Angel or a Human being preached any other Gospel than the one that is by Grace alone, and not one iota of good works whether physical or mental, existing should be sent to hell for such! I might say this also, if I or any other preacher or minister is not openly hated and denounced by the world system and the religious zealots of this world who endorse ‘good works’ and/or the “Law of Moses” he isn’t preaching the true Gospel.

Romans stated; “Christ is the END OF THE LAW” so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believers.” Romans 10:4. Yet, today, in almost every pulpit existing in the USA we hear the Law preached as a tool or a method of either being saved, or keeping oneself saved, or as a tool to make one sanctified and acceptable before God! Performance ideology is rampant in the messages we hear today from our Evangelical pulpits! It is shouted out loud all the time!

Am I saying like those who attacked Paul were saying, “then let us go on in our sins and worry about it at all” just ask for more Grace and keep on sinning? Not at all! However, as the word teaches we started our journey of eternal Life at the point of being Born again by the Spirit, and the filling of the Holy Spirit, and our Life now is in and through the Spirit, and not in and through the Law. We live in the Spirit and automatically live out the Life of Christ. But also remember, it is the New Person who is living in the Spirit and living out the works of Christ (Loving God and our neighbor) is the fulfilling of the Law as we are In Christ Jesus. The old flesh is still there and it is passing away (really it is already dead spiritually) and will return to dust.

Within it is the evil rotten egg of Sin! It wil still raise its ugly head all the time and seek to do evil in our bodies, and the world, the flesh itself, and the Devil and Demons knows this and they come and incite it by even taking the Law of God from Moses and reminds the Saint of God what God said on the matter of some temptation we are faced with, so that usage of the Law incites sin even more so it gains more power to kill, to bring death, to bring guilt, to bring wrath and condemnation into the mind of a person, etc.!

But that is the battle we are now engaged in to slay such activities before they get a hold of us, to run to Christ and His word and fight the good fight of faith. But NOT for eternal life (for we have it), and NOT for sanctification of the new person (we already have it) but to control and keep in place sin in the body of the flesh where it belongs until it eventually dies out and we leave the body and go to be with Jesus.

So, the point to remember is that Christ put all of this Grace into being and functioning 100% because HE DIED! He had to Die in order that the “will, or the Covenant” could go into effect! It was His death and then His resurrection from the Death that put all of this into the Final Gospel message of Grace operating. The Law is over! Salvation has come! God is glorified and praised! God’s Son rules and reigns now! God through Christ saves NOW! What is out and gone; the Law entirely, works entirely, religion entirely, peoples moral performances entirely (even though in the Spirit good works are accomplished by the Holy Spirit in us and not by us, i.e., not from the flesh and carnal abilities at all. IT IS NEW! THE OLD NEEDS TO BE DROPPED ENTIRELY FROM THE MESSAGE OR IT WILL CORRUPT THE MESSAGE AS PAUL STATED ABOUT CIRCUMCISION. One comes under the Curse of God if he or she endorses and stands up for works either mental or physical – religious or otherwise. Leave the Gospel alone and let it do its work! The Power of God is in the Word of God in the Gospel and its preaching to the sinners of this world and in our living day by day, we live by the Gospel period!

Some feel that if we leave the Law we are somehow not measuring up to what God wants for us. We feel we need the Law! But God through Grace states that is not so. Notice what God says through Paul in Titus 2: 11-13;

The Grace of God has appeared that Offers Salvation to all people. IT TEACHES US TO SAY, “NO” TO UNGODLINESS AND WORLDLY PASSIONS, AND TO live -Self-Controlled, upright and godly lives IN THIS present Age.”

Doesn’t this absolutely clarify what is going on in a Real Truly born again saved child of God? WE are NEVER to use the LAW (and by that all of its aspects whether regarding rituals, and various other activities but also the very MORAL content of the Law which really would be all of it in all of its forms for anything God says to do is MORAL. So, for you and I who are followers of Jesus and are saved, we NEVER take up in our mind any of the 10 words and seek to try and keep them, or if we recently failed, picking up the Law and using it to condemn us and bring more guilt. WE ALL GO TO GRACE ALONE IN CHRIST ALONE FOR THE BLESSINGS HE GRANTS TO US ALONE REGARDING OUR CURRENT FAILURE OR PAST ONES. Please Paul says to the Galatians through that Epistle, don’t do that! Walk in the Spirit, Live in the Spirit, Speak and Rely on the Spirit.

Grace isn’t a Treatment for sin, it is actually the CURE for our Sin! The Law excites our sin and our human efforts. It encourages us to depend on resources OUTSIDE of Christ and the Holy Spirit. But unconditional acceptance deactivates human effort and allows the Holy Spirit to be all that He is and will be through us for the victories. Self-Control has always been a natural attribute of the Holy Spirit given to His people as a gift. The reason HE lives within us is to produce the Self-Control that we are afraid we will not have under Grace!! God told Paul on one occasion “my grace is sufficient for you”

To close this article, remember these words, “It is for FREEDOM that Christ has SET US FREE. Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a Yoke of Bondage or Slavery (the Law)!!!

I am speaking in this entire article on things that have to do with the work of God, and it is certainly higher thoughts and understandings that we would have naturally. It is my opinion my thoughts are closer to the truth than what most of the time we hear today from all sources. All of us need to pray and ask God for much spiritual understanding. Amen!

Lamar Lamar16 hours

Lamar Lamar16 hours

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