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Have you ever wished you had been born in some other way, a way that did not have death, pain, suffering, evil, and misery etc.?

Or perhaps that something would happen and you would go through the process of metamorphosis like a caterpillar does as it turns into a Butterfly?

Christians or those who truly know Jesus Christ as Lord and God the Father and the Holy Spirit, are people that have had a miraculous birth, a new birth, a birth that takes place which is NOT like the original and first birth we had, but really a NEW birth moment in time! It was a big change! I mean a miracle type change! Nothing normal or usual about it, for God Himself did the entire work just as He did in getting us into the womb to become a human being, God did another miracle and brought about what is called the New Birth.

It is pretty easy for us to accept the teaching that this world is full of sinners because evil and problems exist everywhere. We even agree we personally are sinners but usually we will think, yes I am a sinner, but not like that one out there that did some terrible deed!

What is so evident is that when it comes to sinning and being a sinner, many will go along with that, but when it comes to a person who has to believe we are 100% righteous by a rebirth that has taken place in us or upon our entire innermost being, we get all agitated and start stuttering and stammering over our words, and even though we admit we have a “new birth that determines our identity” we tend to stay in the ‘old birth’ mode of thinking how that we are still sinners and really not a Saint as the Bible states we are.

We are comfortable with saying we are believers, Christians, followers Jesus, and saved people, and even describe ourselves as sinners saved by grace.

But when we read what the word (the holy scriptures from God), say’s we are Saints (meaning ‘holy one’, or ‘one reserved or set apart for God” seems to be too much and we shy strongly away from such identification! We would not dare say such for fear of being thought of as someone better than someone else!! But these are actually the exact terms God uses to describe those who are in Christ Jesus. Those who are born again. Those who have been regenerated. Those who have the Holy Spirit abiding within them and Christ Jesus abiding with them and in them.

God actually teaches us that we have to take a deeper look at the idea that the birth we had taken place upon being saved, Determines our Identity. Some amazing things are shown about us.

In the USA our birth certificates show to the world that we were actually born on a certain day and time and year here in this country and that our name is showing up on that written birth certificate proving such took place.

Our initial first parent was named Adam! We were of the Adam’s family! Because of our natural birth into his bloodline, we are spiritually dead by birth and by nature to God our Creator. We inherited our fathers’ genes which means we are not in God’s spiritual family from birth, until God does create another New Birth by His Power, creating a new person entirely removing us from the Adam’s family. And due to all of that with Adam, we were spiritually dead at birth, but alive in the body of flesh carrying out our natural desires which is called sinful and living as dead spiritual corpses among others who are spiritually alive and are in Christ or the Family of God the Creator. We can’t and did not and could not make this change ourselves. We had no power to do such! We just existed in that dead spiritual state without God! We could not reform our behavior and no effort of any kind we engaged in would remove us from Adam’s spiritual dead bloodline and place us into the family of God.

At our natural birth we bear Adam’s image not God’s! How many times would one have to sin to become a sinner? Most would say ‘one’! However, in our case and each child from Adam forward the answer is incorrect. Zero times is the correct answer! Why? Because we were conceived with the original sins results in our DNA in the womb. Dead spiritually. But to prove it so, certain fruits or characteristics are identifiable in a baby’s life for instance that reflect they are really more like little demons rather than what they appear to be in their cute and innocent looking state of being. By the way, God can save a baby in the womb and fill him or her with the Holy Spirit if and when He so choses. He did this with John the Baptist! He came out of the womb a saved, born-again new creation made by God! But one man’s sin made us all sinners! Our father Adam did that acting on behalf of all the human race to come from the time all of this began in human history.

Romans chapter 5 reveals that one man’s sin brought the following effects:

  1. Sin entered the world – verse 12
  2. Many or all died – 15
  3. Condemnation came on All people – verse 18
  4. The many were made sinners – 19.

So, our spiritual status came from OUR linage In Adam, and NOT from what we do as individuals. If we realize this that it is all ABOUT BIRTH AND NOT BEHAVIOR, IS A VERY BIG REVELATION FOR IT BRINGS NEW MEANING TO THE TERM ‘BORN AGAIN.’

Jesus our Lord told Nicodemus that every human being’s real need is to be born a second time. He was not urging Nicodemus to turn over a new leaf. Or to try harder, or to polish up his lifestyle. No not at all! He was really speaking about a matter of the condition of our innermost being, namely needing a new birth entirely. A absolute change into a new person! Christianity is NOT a Behavior Modification program even though it seems a lot of Churches engage in such trivia and waste of time programs dressed up in a religious garb. But rather Jesus our Lord revealed that God’s Plan is to actually exchange our nature for a new completely new – nature. A new identity. Not the same person we were! Totally new! If we are in Adam at birth, we must be IN SOMEONE else if there is a real change occurring. And there is: “As in “Adam ALL die, so IN Christ all (who trust, rely upon, embrace, and have faith in Christ), will be made alive” – 1 Corinthians 15:22.

We are not told to adopt and know all types of theology and doctrinal issues at the point of this miracle. This is a matter of spiritual surgery, the other will come later. We are actually brought out of the lifeline of Adam and transferred into the lifeline of Jesus Christ the Lord and God’s family. Our DNA changed we have a new spirit, a new soul and a new heart. We are NO LONGER in the Flesh! We are in the Spirit. We now have all kinds of changes taking place, who we really are, what we are designed to do and be and more about our innermost personhood. WE ARE NOW SAINTS! YES, WE ARE NOW SAINTS AND WE DO NOT WIAT TO BECOME SAINTS, WE ARE SAINTS NOW! GOD SEES US IN CHRIST JESUS REGARDLESS OF OUR FALLEN SINFUL NATURE CALLED THE FLESH! OUR NEW PERSONHOOD LIVES IN A FALLEN BODY. THIS EXISTS UNTIL WE DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN OR WHEN JESUS COMES BACK FOR, HE WILL IMMEDIATELY CHANGE THIS BODY INTO A SPIRITUAL BODY LIKE HIS ON HIS ARRIVAL. BOTTOM LINE: We are delivered! We are saved! We are born again! We are new people! We are priests! We are the children of God! We are the sons of God! We are citizens of heaven now! We are seated with Christ at the Throne Room of God! We are perfect! We are holy! We are sanctified! We are going to be glorified! We are adopted into God’s family! We are NO longer classified as: Sinners, Condemned, under Wrath, ones having the Anger of God upon them ones, wicked, nor are we adulterers, perverts, idolators, lost, children of Satan, living in the kingdom of darkness, thieves, liars, homosexuals, murderers, covetous, slanderers, gossipers, haters of others, etc.! Why? “God said, SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU; BUT YOU WERE WASHED, BUT YOU WERE SANCTIFIED, BUT YOU WERE JUSTIFIED IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND IN THE SPIRIT OF OUR GOD.” – 1 CORINTHIANS 6:11.

Notice the past tense active tense of those words! Do you believe and trust in what God says about your identity in Christ NOW or do you believe your own mind, or Satan’s false lies thrown your way? Or are you deceived and do not have the Holy Spirit and Christ dwelling in you now? Only you and God can know that, but this article speaks of the reality of things concerning a True Saint of God living in this world today! His Spirit bears witness with our spirit we are the children of God! Also, we have the fruit of the Spirit working in us as spoken of in Galatians 5:22 – “But the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control; against such things there IS NO LAW”. These dominate our life now. The flesh may gain control and we fail or sin but those words describing the Spirit’s work going on in our life is always there and we are HIS, for nothing can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus, absolutely NOTHING! AMEN!

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