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Desiring God Ministries – John Piper

CHURCHES: OAKWOOD CHURCH – NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS! This is our current Church where we hold membership. Pastor Ray Still – Lead Pastor and blessed servant of God who preaches the word clearly and loves his congregation along with also,Dale Bynum, Rusty Rice; along with Pastors Peace, Covington, and others who can be seen on Staff at Church website.! Hillside Fellowship – Spring Branch, Texas – Pastor Dave Tooker – One of God’s choice servants and congregations! This was our previous local church and we recommend it to all. Even if you do not or are not able to attend, please follow the sermons on the website as often as you can and be blessed.

Currey Creek Church, Boerne, Texas; Pastors: John Free; Highly Recommended if you are in the area! https//;

Lifegate Church – 395 Lifegate Ln., Seguin, Texas 78155 – or Pastors: Joshua Jordan; Bob Odum; – Sovereign Grace Church/Expository Preaching; School all grades! I highly recommend this Church and the School!

Austin Stone Ministries – Austin, Texas

The Village Church – Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas Area

Redemption Bible Church – New Braunfels, Tx. Pastors Blair Cushman; Cade Hennessee; ARCC – San Antonio, Texas – Pastor Michael McCracken San Antonio, Texas; -High Pointe Baptist – Austin, Texas – Dr. Juan Sanchez; Currey Creek Church – Pastor John Free – Boerne, Texas

Writers – Theologian’s; Ministers

Pastor Dave Tooker; Pastor Ray Still; John Piper; J.I. Packer; Wayne Grudem; Matt Chandler; Matt Carter; John Reisinger; Charles Spurgeon; John Bunyan; George Whitfield; Alistair Begg; Duane Spencer; Thomas Watson; John Gill; Blake White; Gary Long; A.W. Pink; D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones; Juan Sanchez; Steve Lawson; Douglas Moo; Edward Hills; Dean John Burgon; John MacArthur,


The Holy Bible (NKJV; Amplified Bible; NLT; NASV)

TULIP – Duane Spencer

Bondage of the Will – Martin Luther

All books by: John Piper; R.C. Sproul; John Bunyan; A.W. Pink; Blake White; Charles Spurgeon; George Whitfield; John Reisinger; Martyn Lloyd-Jones; S. Lewis Johnson; Matt Chandler; Charles Spurgeon; J.I. Packer; John Gill; John Owen; Jonathan Edwards


Mormonism; Seventh Day Adventism; Arminianism; Works Salvation; Roman Catholicism; Baptismal Regeneration; Covenant Theology; Dispensationalism; LEGALISM; DEISM; SINLESS PERFECTIONISM; Identity of A Believer(Saint or Sinner); Judaism; Islam; Christian Science; Jehovah Witnesses; Social Justice (Social Justice IS NOT the Gospel, but Justice is a by product of redemption and good works by the believer; Woke; BLM Marxists; Antifa Marxist/Fascists/Socialists; All Religious movements outside of Christianity; and many more!

Writings on Eschatology (Doctrine of Last Things)

Classic written in 1878: The Parousia – James Stuart Russell

Preterism (Some aspects left uncertain, but the basic premise about many future events which have already happened such as AD70 event when Christ came down in Judgement upon Israel is absolutely excellent. Using this along with Josephus a Jewish Historian who lived at that time will bring much needed revelation about what the Bible teaches about the end times scriptural teachings, running alongside of the “soon to happen” coming back of Christ to Judge Israel as a nation and remove her from her position having failed God and rejected the Messiah Jesus. Christ and the Apostles spoke of the immediate, very soon coming of Christ back to earth. The portions spoken of in this manner concerning His coming has to do with the Coming of Christ to Judge Israel and destroy the entire nation and take down the Temple and stop the entire Theocracy which God had developed throughout the O.T. times. Many great and outstanding things took place during this time of judgment. One should read the Historians record which he actually had on hand experience of observing and gaining the truth and facts about. Josephus is his name and would help anyone see that Christ actually did come back and HE did not lie about the soon coming or right at hand coming as many claim He did!

Some popular concepts about end times: Premillennialism; Pretribulationism – Premillennialism; Amillennialism; Postmillennialism; Preterism (ALL OF THESE VIEWS HAVE SERIOUS KNOTS OR ERRORS WHICH CAN BE CLEARLY IDENTIFIED BY A STUDENT OF THE WORD. END TIMES TRUTHS AND MORE CLOSER TO THE TRUTH WOULD POSSIBLY BE A MERGING OF SOME OF THE PRETERIST VIEWS ESPECIALLY ON 70 AD regarding Christ coming judgment to “that particular generation HE was living with and speaking to, etc. AND SOME ASPECTS OF AMILLENNIALISM. SO, SOME CORRECTING IN BOTH, POTENTIAL ERRORS OR REAL ERRORS will bring us to a more Biblical posture.) Preterism fails to realize and see the very END of END TIMES teachings which have yet not been fulfilled. Such as: a new heavens and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness; sin no longer existing; disease no longer existing, death no longer existing, Actual presence of Christ being with us on Earth not existing as a Throne on earth, His visible presence on earth, etc.!

He is certainly in us, and with us all the time, but NOT visibly as recorded in the Bible as He will be! So on and on we could speak of the Preterist errors on this end of end times concerning Christs coming back. They think Christ came back in 70 AD as the final fulfillment of Christ coming back to earth! Not so! He did come BACK in 70 AD in Judgment and many miracles and great things took place during that time along with a total destruction of Jerusalem and Israel as a nation. Not to speak of the Roman Empire being judged by Christ also.

So, in that sense Christ came the 2nd time back, but HE is still to come back the Next or 3rd time and set up a everlasting kingdom with His bride, burning up the earth and making it new, and the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven in which we all shall live with Him after the resurrection and translation of the saints in our new spiritual bodies which now we do not have, and the Preterist doesn’t know what to do with their teachings since we don’t have such yet and people still die every day.

Jews and Muslims especially during this period of time and down through history also, have considered the Holy Scriptures being wrong because of the knots or errors of the current last day teachings by the church, but using the word of God and also ‘help’ from the Preterist and Amillennial views, AND Christs’ word the events would be for those hearing His words at that moment, along with Josephus the Jewish historian, would STOP their mouths quickly, for such promises of Christ’s return soon, and very soon, and “this generation (Christ time of ministry) promised to experience the judgment in 70AD is clearly a unlocking moment showing God’s word is inspired and is true.)