“No other truth will put us in our place quite like this one (Humility)! The Apostle Paul used it both to comfort the lowly and to humble the mighty:

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—–and the things that are not—–to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before Him. It is because of Him that you are in Christ Jesus….Therefore, as it is written; “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.” – (1 Corinthians 1: 27-31)


These are the clearest verses in the Bible revealing we had absolutely nothing to do with our salvation or even the initial beginning of such. God came to us, we did not come to Him! All Glory goes to God! Promotion of self is a high priority in our nation today. However, promotion of our great God and submission to Him, raises us up from such dead and incompetent ideas, into a fullness of joy and delight in Christ Jesus! True Worship elicits extremely satisfying, and comforting stability to the soul of unworthy sinners forgiven by God’s Amazing grace!

“A team of all-stars we are not! At first, that is incredibly humiliating-—until we realize that we can stop trying to impress now! We all remember the schoolyard games, when the most popular kids, serving as team captains, would pick the other popular kids. Everyone hoped for at least a third – or fourth – round pick. Being chosen last could be so humiliating that the poor kid who was often in that position just gave up and stood by himself on the sidelines rather than suffer repeat performances.

That happens in church too. Choices are made concerning people based on their performance or popularity. But the doctrine of election puts folks in their place. On this playground, Christ is the team captain of the “foolish” the “weak”, the “base and despised,” the “nothings,” in order to show the wise, the strong, the popular, and the somebodies of the world, that we all come to Him on equal terms, empty-handed ( 1 Cor. 1:18-19). God has chosen a team that any “loser” can join not an entirely unattainable qualification for many of us.

Knowing that God has chosen us reminds us that we are loved, though not lovely; chosen, even though we are not necessarily choice in the eyes of the world or the boss, the spouse, the parents, or the folks at church. We are accepted—–not because we are acceptable ourselves, but because “He has made us accepted in the beloved (Jesus).” (Ephesians 1:6).


“Once we leave the war room of theological debate and enter into a vital, honest, and receptive dialogue with the Word of God, we find ourselves falling in love all over again with the One who first loved us. Too often, however, theology is divorced from life.” – Michael Horton

The reality is, theology and doctrine are to bring about unity in the body of Christ, rather than division among His people. The only division is when the word divides the goats and the sheep. The purpose of theology and doctrine is to first bring about redemption to the lost soul God calls and then to mature that person in the faith.

It is all about the study of God and Who He is, What He is doing, Why He is doing it and we get to be a part of that grand Architects plan and purpose in all of creation. We have to small of an image of the real God! We allow ourselves to think to little of Who He really is and all of His Being! Those who think God is wringing His hands and worried about whether someone will repent and trust in Him for Salvation through Jesus is absolutely an insulting and false concept of the God whom we Know and Serve Who has revealed Himself in the written word and through Jesus Christ Himself to the world at large over 2000 years ago!

“A doctrine like election is discussed by one group, for example, and every phrase is rigorously checked for its doctrinal accuracy. Insults are then hurled at those who are “too blind” to see the truth as clearly. A doctrine calculated to produce humility instead creates pride; a ruby is squandered, the people impoverished, because the object was to win an argument rather than to share the wealth. Another group insists that, based on what they have heard from group number one, they “just want to love Jesus” and forget about theology. Wrong idea! God is Love, and God is All Powerful and if God sets HIS love on ALL human beings equally for salvation they WILL ALL be saved. But we know HE did not choose to do so. The Bible is so clear many people go to eternal punishment without Christ Jesus and multitudes today, do not even hear a plain messaage of the Gospel ever in their lives! God is NOT weak that HE could not do that – get the message to them and call them unto Himself.

HE is the GREATEST power existing and HE KNOWS exactly what it takes to OPEN a mind and heart to HEAR HIS word! We have misrepresented the God of the Bible to the world as a Church! Let us repent and get back to presenting the REAL GOD to the world at large and HE will CAll and Choose those whom HE died for and present them faultless before His Throne in the Kingdom! He hardens hearts and He changes hearts of mankind! He is doing His work of building His Church, not us! We are just servants and tools in His hand to carry out His mission to the extent He wishes us to do, as a blessing to and for us while we live on planet earth! What a privilege He has chosen to give to us to enter into His work! He didn’t need us but He loved us so much He has chosen to do so!


Some people say they just want to know what will help them live for the Lord, not what will stuff their minds. But when we come to a major truth—–and election is a major truth—–we begin to understand how wrong both groups can be. After all, theology is the basis for loving God and living for Christ. How can one love or serve someone about whom he or she knows very little? While it is impossible to love and serve God correctly without knowing Him correctly, it is possible to understand theology without making the connection between theory and practice. Election is one of those doctrines with which we simply cannot afford to do that. It must be understood, and then it must be applied.” – Michael Horton

Orthodoxy means “right worship”! There is no such thing as dead orthodoxy, since you can’t be orthodox and dead! Right worship is alive and functional. Also, it embraces all of theology and doctrine, without which there can’t be the fullest worship of God by the believer! As Hebrews teaches us, “Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity…….” – Hebrews 6:1. May our Triune God be praised, honored and glorified in our life, worship and service to Him!


Providence of God; Absolute inability spiritually; Sovereign free Grace; Election; Predestination; Chosen by God; the Bondage of the Will; Etc!

“Perhaps there are some who think all of this in the Bible, but they just don’t see how it relates to their life. They may think this doctrine (Sovereign Grace), is more trouble than it’s worth. The purpose of this article is to convince one that this truth can revolutionize your relationship with God at a most relevant and practical level. These teachings from God will enhance your spiritual growth and maturity and help you live out the faith on a daily basis! Knowing God is IN ALL CONTROL over ALL things brings us much security, assurance and peace.

Professor James Daane writes, “Sermons on election are so rare that even a regular churchgoer may never hear one….No other doctrine has been so central in theology and so ignored in the pulpit.”

‘Why would a doctrine that has generated so much discussion and fascination in the past have been essentially banished from the average pulpit? At least one reason is that this doctrine is unsettling to our feelings, impressions, and presuppositions about who God is and who we are, and about what God can do without our permission.” – So stated Michael Horton in Monergism!